Give Your Customers Peace of Mind with an S4

According to, the latest data from the Federal Highway Administration (2016) shows the number of older drivers in the US continues to increase. With 41.7 million drivers being 65 years or older, this age group is growing faster than any other. Most likely you have a large number of customers from this age group coming to your lot to purchase a vehicle.

While older drivers drive less than other age groups, according to AARP, when it comes to crashes per mile driven, the data shows a substantial rise in crash incidence after age 70.

As a son or daughter of an elderly driver, an S4 would make a big difference when it comes to having peace of mind. With an S4, they can check on their parents’ vehicles to see that their parents have arrived to their destination, or back home safely. Also, an S4 can help the vehicle owner find his/her car in a large parking lot.

Here are some ways senior drivers can stay safe while on the road as suggested by AARP:

-Wear a seat belt
-Take a driver refresher course
- Keep fit and healthy

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