New App for the S4

You asked for it and we delivered! Head to the Google Play store to download our new free Android app 911SafeTrack S4 App that will allow for you to check the status of your vehicle in one simple tap! You can now:

◦ See Google Map™ with location of your S4 right on your homepage
◦ One tap shows real-time GPS location including speed and direction
◦ One tap shows status with ignition, vehicle alarm, vehicle battery voltage, starter enabled
◦ One tap has your phone talking to the S4 — Then a second tap has you talking to 911
◦ One tap lets you choose which of your S4 units you are seeing (can be up to 50)
◦ One tap lets you see past information for messages & calls
◦ If S4 sends you an alarm, you choose if it should sound when phone is in vibrate mode
◦ One tap to Settings

◦ One tap to select S4 Mode
◦ One tap to unlock vehicle door
◦ One tap to disable or enable vehicle starter
◦ One tap to have your S4 call your phone
◦ Lets you enter phone numbers for Emergency Contacts

◦ Provides Help for Checking the S4, linking to your MyTracker, S4 configuration
◦ Lets you set up an App PIN for security
◦ Lets you add another S4 for your App
◦ Shows you suggested uses for your S4
◦ Provides S4 User Guide
◦ Provides S4 Installation Guide
◦ Provides S4 Troubleshooting

Want to get your new S4 App Setup? It’s easy!
◦ Just download and install — just enter S4 phone number and S4 PIN
◦ Lets you be a S4 Owner or a S4 Emergency Contact
◦ Lets you change the S4 nickname
◦ Lets you change your phone to a new phone
◦ Lets you change your S4 PIN

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