Winter Essentials To Keep In Your Car

Are you taking a road trip this winter? Be careful! Road conditions are more hazardous this time of year. In order to keep yourself safe, it is important to be prepared for all types of situations. Here are some essentials for you to keep in your car during the winter season:

Depnding on where you are traveling it is very possible for a snowstorm hits, ice forms on your windshield, or your car breaks down. Here is some suggested essentials to keep in your car during the winter season:

-Cell phone and portable cell phone charger (so you’ll have enough juice to call for help)

-Water and non-perishable snacks (these are always good to have on hand)

-Blankets & hand warmers (to stay warm if you break down)

-Flashlight and extra batteries (if you break down in the dark)

-Windshield scraper (clear windows are a must while driving)

-Shovel (in case you have to dig out your car)

-Jumper cables (a must to revive a drained battery)

-First aid kit (this is good to keep in the car year-round to treat someone who is hurt)

-Tool kit (a small one doesn’t take up much space and is useful in fixing minor problems)

-Salt or sand (to help tires get traction)

-A T3 Vehicle Security System (Did you know you can set emergency contacts to receive T3 notifications?)

Stay safe and warm out there!

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