Sell more cars this winter with the S4

With the cold weather approaching, there are some things to be aware of to mention to your customers so that they keep their car in prime condition and stay safe after they drive their vehicle off of the lot.

Install an S4. It lets the car owner and their emergency contacts check the GPS location, which could be critical if their vehicle got stuck. The S4 also lets them check the battery voltage and notifies them if the battery is getting low. Here’s a tip - You could install the S4 while the vehicle is on your lot to keep it safe and as an added selling benefit.

Replace the windshield wipers. Who knows when the first snowfall will come, perhaps it will snow again on Halloween. Replace the windshield wipers while the car is on the lot so that they work properly and can help keep the owner’s windows clear and make sure you use that as a selling feature.

Consider new tires. Hydroplaning and spinning out of control is scary and no fun. Change them while on the lot and use it as a selling feature.

Remind them to check their brakes. Whether a car’s brakes struggle in the cold or snow depends on the type of car it is, but it’s crucial always to make sure they are working correctly. Remind your customers to get their brakes checked after each oil change and you’ll generate repeat business for your auto shop!

Remind owners about their car battery. As you know extreme cold weather can cause their battery to freeze. Recommend that they try and drive their car every day because starting up heir vehicle recharges and warms up the battery. Remind them that the S4 can easily check their car battery.

There is time before the freezing, cold winter is here but it’s always helpful to start planning on what precautions to take for the upcoming season. Winter will be here before you know it, be prepared!

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