Keeping Your Customers Safe on Their Road Trip with the S4

It’s a new year filled with new possibilities. Many of your customers may have made resolutions to take more road trips this year. This is where 911SafeTrack’s T4 Vehicle Recovery System will come in handy for them.

Here’s why:

The S4 will keep their vehicle safe. Your customers will most likely be parking in many unfamiliar areas on their road trip. And looking like a tourist makes them that more vulnerable. If there is any unauthorized movement in their vehicle, or the vehicle’s alarm is triggered, the S4 will send your customer an alarm notification text including the time, date, location, speed, and direction of the car. You customer can then call his/her S4 device, which will speak and tell the customer to press # to call the police. Once dialed, the nearest 911 operator to the vehicle will be called, and when they answer, the customer can explain the situation and receive immediate help.

The S4 can rotate between vehicles. If your customer purchases a car from you with the S4, but is renting an RV for his/her road trip, the S4 can easily be transferred to the RV with a Cable-Kit-T. The S4 can be installed on any type of vehicle that has a battery and location where the unit will not be exposed to the elements.

Your customers can check on their vehicle at anytime. Did your customer forget where his/her car was parked in the large theme park parking lot? It’s easy to find with the S4.

The S4 has no activation fees, no contracts, and no cancellation fees. There is also always a 30 day risk free guarantee. Customer information is always safe with their unique, secret PIN. Privacy will also never be breached as the vehicle’s location is texted directly to the customer’s phone from the S4 device and is never stored or sent using the internet.

Help your customers have the best road trips with the S4.

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