The S4: A Winter Essential

It’s cold out there! And many of your customers may be taking winter road trips in less than stellar road conditions. Which is why it’s a great idea for an S4 to be installed in their vehicles.

The S4 is more than just an anti-theft device. Your customers can set emergency contacts to receive S4 notifications, so somebody will always know where they are, especially if they get stranded in a snowstorm.

The S4 can be installed on any type of vehicle that has a battery and location where the unit will not be exposed to the elements. It can also be rotated between a car, motorcycle, work truck, RV, etc., with a Cable-Kit-T.

Here are some other essentials your customers should keep in their vehicles in order to be prepared if a snowstorm hits:

-Cell phone and portable cell phone charger (so you’ll have enough juice to call for help)

-Water and non-perishable snacks (these are always good to have on hand)

-Blankets & hand warmers (to stay warm if you break down)

-Flashlight and extra batteries (if you break down in the dark)

-Windshield scraper (clear windows are a must while driving)

-Shovel (in case you have to dig out your car)

-Jumper cables (a must to revive a drained battery)

-First aid kit (this is good to keep in the car year-round to treat someone who is hurt)

-Tool kit (a small one doesn’t take up much space and is useful in fixing minor problems)

-Salt or sand (to help tires get traction)

For more information on equipping your vehicles with S4 devices, please visit our website,

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