The S4: A Winter Essential

It’s cold out there! And many of your customers may be taking winter road trips in less than stellar road conditions. Which is why it’s a great idea for an S4 to be installed in […]

911SafeTrack S4 Features that Will Help You Sell More Vehicles

You have a whole lot full of vehicles to sell, and the S4 can help you sell them! Here are the features your customers will love: The S4 will keep their vehicle safe. If there is […]

Car Theft By The Numbers

According to a 2017 article on, a vehicle is stolen about every 45 seconds in the United States, and about 42% of those vehicles are never recovered. In 2015, over 250,000 cars were stolen, […]

Keep your lot safe this holiday season

According to a 2016 Holiday Vehicle Theft Report compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), New Year’s Day was ranked at the top for number of car thefts. In order to protect your lot […]

Keep Your Lot Safe On Mischief Night

Keeping tabs on the vehicles on your lot is always important, but with Halloween, and specifically, mischief night just around the corner, it is even more imperative. Mischief night is filled with pranks, some harmless, […]

High Tech Car Thefts: Staying One Step Ahead

As technology advances, and vehicles rely more heavily on computer controls, thieves are becoming more sophisticated. According to experts, laptops are now being used to hack into the electronic controls of vehicles in order to […]

A One Of A Kind Device

Anti-theft and tracking devices come in a number of different shapes and sizes, with an array of capabilities. But you don’t want to gamble when it comes to keeping your lot inventory safe. The S4 […]

2017 Good Guys West Coast Car Show

Are you going to the Goodguys 31st West Coast Nationals Car Show August 25, 26, and 27? The 3-day show at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA features thousands of rods, customs, classics, muscle […]

Increase your profit margin with the S4 Tracker

Adding an S4 tracker to each of the cars on your lot not only helps to protect your assets, but it can also increase your profit margin while offering your customers an invaluable service. Not […]