Increase your profit margin with the S4 Tracker

Adding an S4 tracker to each of the cars on your lot not only helps to protect your assets, but it can also increase your profit margin while offering your customers an invaluable service.

Not only will your customers be getting a new vehicle, but it will also come with extra protection. They will have peace of mind knowing that they can be in constant contact with their car since the S4 vehicle tracking device alerts the owner the moment the car makes an unauthorized movement, or a factory installed vehicle alarm is activated. The alert, via text, will show the owner the GPS location of the vehicle, along with its speed, and the direction it is heading. The owner can then easily connect to a local 911 operator- no call center is used, saving both time and money- to report the theft and get help immediately. No other anti-theft system has these capabilities.

For more information on protecting your lot with the S4 tracker and increasing your profit margin, give us a call today at 877-427-7294 or visit our website.

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