What’s The Best Way To Protect The Vehicles On Your Lot

When it comes to protecting the vehicles on your lot you have a number of different options. Some have similar capabilities, but there are many factors to keep in mind when deciding which is best for your business. You want a cost effective choice that will also protect your business assets and increase your profit margin.

Steering wheel locks are a simple option as they prevent your car from being driven until the device is unlocked. Because you can see it through the car windows, it is often effective in deterring thieves and is cost effective.

Kill switches are another option but they must be installed on each vehicle so that they can properly shut down the electrical system in the car.

Some of the cars or bikes on your lot may already come with pre-installed alarms which are a solid deterrent as many would be thieves run at the loud noise.

Aftermarket engine immobilizers, like the S4, are a great option because they have multiple uses. Not only will the S4 notify the vehicle’s owner of an unauthorized movement, it will also provide the GPS location and direction the vehicle is heading in. The owner can then alert the 911 operator nearest the vehicle for help. There is no call center. No other anti-theft device has the capabilities of the S4. These devices will also add to your profit margin as they are a great add on for your customers. They offer peace of mind and can be moved between vehicles.

For more information on the S4 and how to protect your lot with them visit our website, https://www.911safetrack.com/dealers.php.

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