Provide Extra Safety for Your Customers with an S4

Safety has always been a top concern for those purchasing a new vehicle. Having an S4 installed in a new vehicle is just one more step you can take in keeping your customers safe.

Seconds matter, especially in an emergency situation when a life is on the line. A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses the difficulty 911 call centers have in pinpointing the location of a call to 911 coming from a cell phone, and the technology Google is testing out to improve the accuracy. “Federal regulators estimate shaving a minute off response times could save as many 10,000 lives each year.”

When the S4 calls 911, the 911 operator can see exactly where that vehicle is located. When the S4 user (either owner or their emergency contact) is talking to the 911 operator, either the S4 user or the 911 operator just presses 3 and the S4 speaks the pinpoint GPS location along with the speed and direction of the vehicle. Emergency responders can get to the exact location of the emergency and help save lives.

The S4 Vehicle Security System is different than any other anti-theft system. No call center is used, saving the S4 owner time and money. Not only can the S4 be a lifesaver in an emergency situation, but it’s useful for tracking the vehicles on your lot. Once the S4 is installed in the vehicles on your lot, you will be alerted you if there is any unauthorized movement.

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