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911SafeTrack™ S4

Benefits Over Other Solutions

911SafeTrack Service provides nationwide cellular coverage
911SafeTrack S4 sends text alert to you as soon as vehicle alarm is triggered
If you receive an alert and determine that it is an emergency situation, you call the S4 and press # to have S4 make a 3-way call to the 911-Operator that is closest to your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV, so you can describe the emergency
During the 3-way call, the police will automatically see your vehicle location using their normal E911 system. Note: The only time police can see your location is during the 3-way call that you placed.
If the 911-Operator wishes to get the real-time S4 GPS location, the 911-Operator presses 3 on their keypad to hear the S4 speak real-time speed, direction, and pinpoint location
S4 automatically controls guard status, so you don't have to enable/disable
S4 in Master mode will text vehicle movement alert to you if your vehicle is driven more than a few blocks - very useful for valet parking, checking to see if the repair shop is road testing your car, or when you park at the airport
S4 will text vehicle movement alert to you if your vehicle is being towed
S4 includes a vehicle starter disable/enable relay that is controlled by secure text message from you to prevent the thief from re-starting your vehicle
S4 includes an output option that lets you control a selected vehicle function such as vehicle door unlock, door lock, flash headlights, sound horn, etc.
Anytime you need to check location of your teen drivers, find your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV in a huge parking lot, see if your elderly parents have arrived home - you send a text message and S4 responds with location, speed, and heading.
You can use any mobile phone or smartphone. No app is required. If you have a smartphone with Internet access, just tap the underlined portion of the text message and you will see the location on the Google Map™.
You have complete security.  You set your secret S4 PIN and the unit will only respond if it receives your secret PIN.  If you tell your Emergency Contacts your secret PIN, that's the only way they could find the vehicle location.  No one else will know the vehicle location. No one can change the PIN but you.
S4 is safely hidden from view and is completely silent. You are the only person that will know the unit is protecting you and your vehicle 24/7
Easily installed by 911SafeTrack Authorized Dealer, dealership, local stereo/security installation shop, or S4 owner
S4 easily connects to existing vehicle security system. If your vehicle does not have an existing alarm system, S4 in Master mode will send you a movement alarm message if your vehicle is driven more than a few blocks
The S4 cable includes backup battery that automatically powers the S4 if the vehicle battery is disconnected

S4 can be transferred to your other vehicles. See Cable-Kit1

No police registration of your vehicle is required