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It is the mission of 911SafeTrack™ to provide a rapid, affordable, and superior safety/security access to public safety by developing systems that will save lives and protect property worldwide. The company is led by a team of experienced executives with extensive safety/security knowledge, product development, business development, and operational expertise to provide leading edge solutions.

911SafeTrack S4 is offering vehicle owners a small security device that can easily be concealed in their vehicle to provide safety/security. The product uses the latest in GPS location and cellular technology to provide real-time tracking. The product incorporates a patented unique capability to let the owner command a call directly to 911 from the vehicle without the use of a call center. This unique capability permits police to dynamically track the location of the vehicle and permits public safety personnel to reach the emergency location quickly.

Executive Team

911SafeTrack has assembled a team of experienced professionals with extensive expertise in vehicle security product development and business development, having worked at both small entrepreneurial startups, large corporations, and statewide agencies.

Charles W. Roedel, Co-Founder & President

Chuck has 30-years in design/marketing of communication and computer products. Prior to co-founding 911SafeTrack, Chuck co-founded Comsift and has held executive positions with Xbridge Systems, Commercial Data Systems, KBI-ASK.ME OnLine, Fujitsu America, Inc, Micom Systems, and Racal-Milgo.

Kevin Anderson, Vice-President, Sales

Kevin has proven ability to lead sales and operations from launch to profitability within very short time-frames. Kevin has done this at companies from 0 dollars in revenue to ones in excess of 150 million dollars of annual revenue and is focused on expanding business for 911SafeTrack.

John Lattyak, Principal Consulting Engineer

John has 30+ years experience in Systems and Software Engineering. John has special talents as software developer who is also very knowledgeable about hardware. John was Principal Engineer for 6 years leading development of the original Amazon Kindle reader that has been so successful in the market. John's expertise is guiding development of new products such as the Alzheimer’s Finder watch.

Susan Roedel, Sales and Marketing Director

Susan is experienced in business development and marketing and built her career at several high tech companies including Terabank Systems, Xbridge Systems and Comsift, Inc. Susan's greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and attention to detail. Susan is applying these skills to new business and is leading sales for 911SafeTrack.

Andy Neil, Senior Software Developer

Andy has 20+ years experience in embedded systems software/firmware design & development, with particular experience in machine-to-machine ("M2M") communication and interfacing. John is development leader for 911SafeTrack Vehicle Security Tracker products.

Thanh V. Nguyen, Principal Software Developer

Thanh is a software developer with 15+ years experience in developing clickable prototypes, interaction design, web development, mobile development. Thanh is development leader for 911SafeTrack back-office server and website that handles our products and services. LinkedIn

Deanna Robinson, Marketing Manager

Deanna is 911SafeTrack Marketing Manager with 8+ years experience in developing new and exciting ways to market products and services. She is tapping into new market segments, embracing technology, and is especially skilled in finding unique angles to promote 911SafeTrack products.

S. Robert Miller, Advisor

Mr. Miller served as the Executive Director of the New Jersey 9-1-1 Network and ran the largest E911 network in North America from 1989 to 1998. Bob has been a long-standing member of national safety standard groups, including NENA / TIA / ESIF, APCO, USDOT, and ComCARE Alliance.

Michael J. Ceglia, Advisor

Mr. Ceglia is the retired President of MJC Thomas, Inc., which designs, develops, builds, programs, installs, and provides field services for computer driven products for the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) 9-1-1 markets.

Existing Relationships

911SafeTrack has has formed a number of strategic relationships for the 911SafeTrack product with companies essential to our success and to leverage their skills. They include:

The company is a privately owned California Class C corporation.