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Privacy FAQs

911SafeTrack places your privacy as our top priority. We have designed every part of the 911SafeTrack system to ensure that the S4 owner and only the owner has complete control and operation of the Tracker. The following Privacy FAQs provide additional details –

Q. How does the S4 prevent others from receiving the S4 location?
A. In order to request location from the S4, the owner must know the phone number of the S4 and the owner must know the 5-digit PIN number and send the correct command. If the owner sends a text message with both exact numbers then the S4 will respond to the owner’s phone – all other attempts will be ignored by the S4.

Q. Does the company 911SafeTrack have access to see my location?
A. No. S4 only sends location by text message to the owner’s mobile phone. S4 does not send location information to any website or an Internet server.

Q. Can anyone see the locations where I have been?
A. No. The S4 does not store previous locations and no locations are sent to a website or an Internet server.

Q. Could the police or government agency have 911SafeTrack provide location information?
A. No. 911SafeTrack would explain that 911SafeTrack never receives location information and it is impossible for 911SafeTrack to provide.

Q. How can I ensure that no one else can call the S4?
A. S4 checks the phone number of an incoming call. The call must be coming from your mobile phone or your pre-authorized Emergency Contact phone for the S4 to answer the call. Only you can change the number of your mobile phone that is stored in the unit.

Q. Can the police detect the S4 location?
A. No. The police do not know the phone number of your S4 and the S4 will not answer even if the police did get the phone number of your S4.

Q. Then how do police get location from the S4?
A. The only time that police can request the S4 location is when you command S4 to make a 3-way call to 911. During the 911 call, police can press 3 to have the S4 speak the location. If the 911 call is ended and the police call back to the Tracker, the S4 will only answer the police call for 60 minutes. When that time expires, S4 will not accept a call from 911 or any other number. 

Q. Does S4 monitor any vehicle information such as engine, performance, or instrumentation?
A. No. The S4 does not monitor any vehicle functions and does not have any way to record vehicle information.

Q. Can a hacker cause the S4 to malfunction?
A. No. S4 has numerous safeguards to protect against hackers:

S4 cellular connection only uses text messages and does not connect to the Internet.
S4 does not have Bluetooth, so there is no way to receive a hacker’s message.
S4 does not have WiFi, so no way to receive a hacker’s message.
S4 does not have a wireless keyfob, so no way to receive a hacker’s message.
S4 can only have its internal program changed by physically plugging a special factory cable into the S4, so there is no way for a hacker to wirelessly change the internal S4 program.
Each S4 has a unique phone number and that number is only provided to the S4 owner when they subscribe to 911SafeTrack Service. No one else has access to that phone number.
The S4 will only operate if it has the SIM card that 911SafeTrack provides from the factory. If a hacker tried to substitute their own SIM card in the S4, the S4 will not function at all.
The S4 owner creates their own 5-digit PIN number and S4 will only listen to a text message if the message has that exact PIN.

Q. Can a hacker compromise the owner’s credit card information?
A. 911SafeTrack shopping cart is handled by Ultracart as an industry standard Level 1 PCI Compliant Provider. Ultracart is integrated with the bank-processing gateway to provide maximum protection for your information.

Q. Can a hacker compromise MyTracker information such as S4 phone number?
A. MyTracker website is hosted by Amazon Web Services using their full security structure and automatic backup. Initial customer registration requires email verification. If you wish to change your 911SafeTrack Customer Support must handle changing your login email address.

General FAQs

Q. What type of vehicle can use 911SafeTrack S4?
A. S4 can be installed in any type of vehicle such as a car, truck, motorcycle, RV or any vehicle that has a battery and a position where the unit will not be exposed to moisture.

Q. What is required to install S4?
A. The package includes everything needed, including S4 device, cable, and installation kit to connect to the vehicle.  S4 User Guide provides complete information. S4 Installation Guide provides detail installation instructions. Experienced installers use 1-Page S4 Installation Guidelines

Q. Who could install S4?
A. You can install the S4 yourself or you can have the S4 installed by your 911SafeTrack Authorized Dealer or a local shop that installs stereos and security systems. Check listings such as Yelp.

Q. Will installation of the S4 risk any harm to my vehicle?
A. S4 standard installation is only sensing vehicle status and does not risk any harm. Installing the optional starter disable/enable and door unlock do have the ability affect just those two specific functions in the vehicle but are done in a very specific manner to make sure nothing else is affected.

Q. Will adding an S4 void my vehicle's warranty?
A: No. By law, any appropriate and properly installed and functioning aftermarket system, including a security or remote start system, will not void a vehicle's warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, enacted in 1975, protects consumers from the car dealerships that had been demanding that only their authorized parts and labor would get covered under warranty, and anything else would void the warranty. (For example, if you replaced the wiper blades with non-authorized blades, they would void the warranty on the engine and exhaust.) Of course, if you tear up your vehicle's wiring or drilled holes where you shouldn't, you will have plenty of warranty issues with your dealership. This is another reason to purchase professional installation when you want to put in a security system.

Q. When I purchase an S4 do I purchase the 911SafeTrack Service at the same time?
A. When you get your S4, you or your Installer needs to come to the 911SafeTrack website, click on MyTracker and register the Tracker using the unique serial number. MyTracker shows the Tracker that you have just registered and says, Renew this Subscription. Press that button and choose the Service Plan you would like to purchase. Once you have purchased a Service Plan, MyTracker will provide the S4 phone number for the particular Tracker that you have selected. Provide the S4 phone number to the Installer so they can install.

Q. Do I need to connect to a website to operate the S4?
A. No.  Each S4 has its own phone number.  You just send a text message to the S4 from your mobile phone or smartphone.

Q. Do I need a smartphone to operate the S4?
A. No.  Any mobile phone can operate S4.  If you have a smartphone, there is the advantage that the location response from S4 can display the location on a Google Map™ with just a tap. However if you have a smartphone, check S4 Tech-Tips for easy to install Apps that let you ask S4 to do any of its functions with a couple taps.

Q. How do I check the location of my vehicle?
A. Just sent a text message with your secret 5-digit PIN and the letters gps and S4 will respond to your mobile phone with time, date, location, speed, and direction.

Q. Do I have to turn on the S4 when I leave my vehicle?
A. No. 911SafeTrack S4 senses if the key is turned on or off.  If the key is off, the unit automatically enables the movement notification and vehicle alarm, if your vehicle has an existing alarm system.  When the key is on, the unit disables the alarm notification.

Q. What happens if my vehicle doesn’t have an existing alarm?
A. In this case, when you leave your vehicle, you send S4 a text message with your secret PIN and the word master.  The unit enables the real-time movement detector so you will receive a movement notification if your vehicle moves just a few blocks.

Q. What is the Master Mode?
A. You can place the S4 in Master Mode by sending the S4 a text message with your secret PIN and the word master. The S4 in Master Mode will send you movement notification whenever your vehicle moves just a few blocks, if the ignition is on or off (or a thief hot-wired your vehicle). You might temporarily select Master Mode in these cases:
If you are leaving your car with a valet
If you are parking your car at the airport
If you are parking your car for a few days
  If you are parking your car in a remote parking lot that has very low light level
If you are leaving your car with an auto shop for service

Q. What do I do when S4 sends me an alarm notification?
A. The alarm notification includes time, date, location, speed, and direction.  If you determine that an emergency is occurring, you call your S4.  It speaks to you and says press # to call police.  When you press #, the S4 calls the nearest 911 and when the 911-Operator answers, you can explain the emergency to the 911-Operator.

Q. If I have S4 call 911, how do they know the vehicle location?
A. While you are on the 3-way call with 911, location is automatically detected by E911 and is shown on the 911-Operator's mapping display along with telephone number of the S4. During the call, you can press 3 and the S4 will speak the current GPS latitude/longitude, speed, and direction.  Both you and the 911-Operator will be able to hear.  The 911-Operator can also press 3 to hear the current GPS location.  This is a major benefit for 911 as the S4 GPS location is often more precise than E911.

Q. Can I have S4 notify one of my emergency contacts?
A. If you wish, you can command the S4 to add the phone number of your emergency contact that would be able to receive alarm messages or call the S4.  Up to two emergency contact numbers may be added, but only you can change/delete those contact numbers.

Q. What happens if the 3-way call to 911 is suddenly terminated?
A. If you or your authorized emergency contact has commanded S4 to call 911 and the 911 call should be suddenly terminated, the S4 permits 911 to call back and the S4 will answer for a prescribed period time.  Otherwise S4 will not accept a call from 911 or any other non-authorized number. When the S4 answers a call from 911, it states the phone number of phone that placed the initial call and the 911-Operator can press 3 to hear the real-time location, speed, and direction. The 911-Operator can continue to press 3 to hear the real-time location, speed, and direction.

Q. Does S4 have a “kill switch”?
A. Yes. S4 includes a vehicle starter disable/enable relay that may be controlled by secure text messages from the owner to prevent the thief from re-starting your car.

Q. Can S4 unlock the driver’s door?
A. Yes. S4 includes an output option that may be used for door unlock, door lock, flash headlights, sound horn, etc. Usually you would have the installer do the driver’s door unlock.

Q. Can I move 911SafeTrack S4 to a different vehicle?
A. Yes.  If you install a 911SafeTrack Cable-Kit1 in an alternate vehicle, you will be able to move your S4 from one vehicle to another that has the Cable Kit as long as both vehicles have the Cable installed. S4 can be installed in any vehicle such as a car, truck, motorcycle, RV or any vehicle with a battery and a position where the unit will not be exposed to moisture.

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