Give Your Customers Extra Security this Summer with an S4

Summer is here, which means it’s road trip time!

Travel increases this time of year, and with customers looking to purchase an RV, you can give them some extra security with an S4. They will be visiting unfamiliar destinations, relaxing and letting their guards down. Not only will your customer want to keep their RV safe, but also the personal belongings they will be bringing with them.

While out on an excursion, the RV owner or their authorized contacts can check on the RV location or status any time they wish. If there happens to be an unauthorized movement, or a factory installed alarm is activated, the S4 will alert the owner via a text message that will show the GPS location of the RV, the speed it is traveling, and the direction it’s going. The owner can then easily connect to a 911 operator closest to the RV to report the theft and get immediate help. No call center is used, saving time. The S4 is the only anti-theft device with these capabilities.

When the road trip is over, the S4 can easily be transferred to another vehicle, keeping that vehicle safe as well.

To learn more about the S4, and how it will give your customers peace of mind on their next road trips, contact us at 877-427-7294 or visit our website.

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