Protect Uber Drivers with an S4

Many Uber and Lyft Drivers who purchase vehicles are looking for that extra safety feature. On the road alone, many times late at night, and sometimes in remote areas, they are allowing strangers into their cars. There’s always a risk involved when picking up people they have never met before, but an S4 can help keep them safe.

While it’s something nobody wants to think about, if the drivers do not make it home from their shifts, the S4 emergency contacts can easily pinpoint exactly where their vehicles are located, or even track their whereabouts during a shift. And in the case of a carjacking, the S4 gives the drivers the ability to deactivate their ignitions and send real-time info to the police. The carjacker won’t get very far, and the vehicles will be recovered.

The S4 Vehicle Recovery System will also alert the drivers instantly if there is unauthorized movement in their vehicles or a pre-installed vehicle alarm goes off. Within seconds they can connect to the 911 operator closest to their vehicle and share the GPS location, speed, and direction the vehicle is traveling. No call center is used – saving them time and money. No other anti-theft system can do this!

With over 2 million drivers. We can assume you will see a customer or two who works for Uber or Lyft and an S4 would make a big difference when it comes to having peace of mind. With an S4, their loved ones can check on their vehicle when needed. Also, an S4 can help the vehicle owner find his/her car in a large parking lot. Shut off the car in an emergency situation. Or easily alert the police.

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