Your Information Is Safe With Us!

With all of the recent technological advancements, information is highly accessible. For a lot of consumers, privacy is an important issue and we want you to know that privacy is one of our top priorities at 911SafeTrack. We designed every part of the S4 system to ensure that only the owner of the device and vehicle has access to and control of the tracker.

By installing S4 devices on the vehicles in your lot, you are not only keeping them safe, but you are also providing a valuable service to your clients by offering them secure vehicle protection. They get peace of mind, and you have a way to raise your profits.

Your customers will feel safe knowing that they have constant access to and contact with their vehicle with no worry of their private information being shared. The S4 sends the location of thier vehicle via text message to the owner’s mobile phone- it does not get sent over the internet. The device also does not store previous locations.

In order to get information from the S4 unit, the owner must use the phone number associated with the unit as well as their personal 5-digit PIN number. Due to numerous safeguards, hackers will not be able to gain access to personal information. The S4 only uses text messages and can not access the internet. It is also not Bluetooth accessible, so there is no way to receive a hacker’s message. The only way to change the internal program of the S4 is by physically plugging in a special factory cable. The unit will also only operate if it has the SIM card installed at the factory. If a hacker tried to substitute their own SIM card, the S4 will not function at all.

By choosing 911SafeTrack and the S4, your vehicles while on your lot, and with their new owners, will be safe. For more information on the S4 visit our website,

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