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Our mission is to provide a rapid, affordable, and superior safety/security access to public safety by developing systems that will save lives and protect property worldwide.

911SafeTrack is proud to announce a special DEALER PROGRAM. The S4 Tracker is now available to New and After-market Auto Dealers, Rental Car Agencies, Collector Car Builders, Auto Parts Dealers, and Stereo & Security System Dealers.

The S4 allows vehicle owners to be in control of their vehicle at all times ---

Car dealers can pre-load the S4 to protect against vehicle theft from the lot and can obtain insurance discounts. Dealers use the S4 as a selling advantage when closing the deal on a vehicle sale.

Rental car agencies use the S4 to monitor when cars are checked in and out, can unlock the car if the renter left keys inside, and provide quicker response for roadside emergencies. The S4 lets the agency recover vehicles when they are not returned on time or to recover vehicles if a person using a stolen credit card rents the vehicle. When it is time to sell a vehicle, agencies use the S4 as a selling advantage.

To help us celebrate being at the SEMA Show and the launch of our new S4 Recovery Device, we’ve come up with one heck of a giveaway! Enter to win an S4 Recovery Device. On November 15th we will draw 2 winners from the entries submitted. The giveaway will include an S4 Device plus a 3-month subscription plan worth over $300.

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