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911SafeTrack S4 Tech-Tips

S4 Tech-Tips provides suggestions for users that can save time, discover new ways to use the S4, and tips you can use every day.  Our goal is to enhance safety and security for you, your family, and belongings.  We encourage readers to send us additional suggestions that can be added to S4 Tech-Tips.

Adding an App to your smartphone for convenience -- Android

Adding an App to your smartphone for convenience -- iPhone and iPad

New and different ways to use S4


App for convenience –


911SafeTrack is proud to suggest smartphone Apps to provide User convenience -- One for Android and one for iOS --

Android – Google Play 911SafeTrack S4 App  [SmartPhone to be OS 4.4 or above] [Free]

911SafeTrack S4 App Benefits

We suggest moving the App to your Home page.

911SafeTrack S4 App Home



iPhone and iPadQuick Text Message [Device to be iOS 6.0 and above] [$1.99]

Setup --

Download Quick Text Message and install
Create the first text message: YourPIN gps
YourPIN is your secret 5-digit PIN. Leave space after PIN.
Label this message: GPS

Create additional texts using each of the messages below:

YourPIN status  [Label: Status]
YourPIN master [Label: Monitor all movement]
YourPIN guard  [Label: Monitor normal]
YourPIN relay on  [Label: Starter disable]*
YourPIN relay off  [Label: Starter normal]*
*Only needed if you have starter disable/enable installed

Add a Recipient by choosing your S4 from your existing contact list. Note: You need to give the App permissions to see the Address Book. iPhone Settings -> Privacy -> Contact. Then enable for Quick Text Message.

We suggest moving the App to your Home page.

If you have additional S4 units, just repeat the process using the new Recipient name.

Message Details

To use the App --

Tap the message you wish, and tap Send Quick Text Now.

The App sends the message. When the S4 responds, the message will show briefly in the top Notification panel and the full response appears in the normal Messages screen.

Send Message


Ideas for S4 Usage –